We greatly appreciate the recent question from Jen regarding our ground securement. In her question, Jen asked, “How is it that your shelter, when bolted to a home’s foundation will not get torn off that same foundation by an F4 or F5?”

Jen: First, we appreciate your concern & thank you for your question. The short answer is that our bolting system was reviewed by the Texas Tech University NWI test facilitators and found to meet the standard requirements. So it is not our word, but theirs that carries weight on this issue.

TT’s Wind Lab is the authority in our industry and while we strive to innovate new ideas and designs, FEMA & ICC set the standards we follow & that TT’s lab tests by.

Preparing for a natural disaster is not a 100% science, but we strive to make every effort to ensure the safety of our customers and to meet or exceed the requirements & standards set by our peers.

For more information regarding Texas Tech & storm shelter Q&A, feel free to visit their webpage at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/nwi/research/shelters.php